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jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011


Indeed that we are the harmonious blending of body, mind and soul, so it is desirable that all our lives we could give each one of these parts the proper attention and care. Our body needs nutritious food, plenty of water, some exercise, spending some time relaxing our cells, tissues and organ , learning to absorb the Earth’s needed negative polarity, deep breathing to vitalize our blood with the vital life force coming from the sun’s rays and something which has almost been forgotten; to align our bodies with the healthy rhythm from the Universe. Our modern society has forgotten this latest recommendation.
Our minds need to be constantly stimulated with enjoyable intentional thinking sessions by reading all the great works of alchemists, mystics, inventors, philosophers, poets, esoteric knowledge, reading the classics and writing down our own insights regarding how we perceive life. Our spiritual side, like our body needs the proper spiritual food; our altruistic emotions, happiness and a sense of sharing our mental and divine gifts. To wake up every morning with great expectations of experiencing something never experienced before, learning something valuable and then share it; In simpler words smile at God, humanity and Nature; Feeling being a very important part of universal live, light and life in perfect harmony.
Millennia have proven man the importance to have meditation periods in which all the above can be accomplished. From a holistic view point meditation has helped man dealing with coping with stressful situations in his life. We posses a happy attitude when our mind has gone though some spiritual discipline. It has been by mediating when man has been able to integrate harmoniously body, mind and spirit. Our current physical well being is the result of the great release of a renewed positive force getting rid of negative emotions on this healthy process. We also experience an easy way to reach the fountain of divine inspiration, golden moments of peace profound; sharing our happiness and more importantly even when we sleep our spirit carries our important cosmic mission helping humanity in many ways. Indeed what a great blessing!
The way we feel and function in our outer life is determined to a very great extent by our inner life; our happiness, our confidence, our moods, our consciousness become a reliable channel to express our gratitude to our Maker. When we are happy and calm, difficulties and problems are easily cope with effectively.
There has been an esoteric principle widely observed. What is this amazing principle? We start living a balanced dual life; we succeed in fulfilling our obligations and responsibilities as we also start crystallizing our high ideals at the same time. In other words we realize that we are spiritual beings having human experiences, so our wonderful learning never stops at all!
Meditation balances the inner and outer worlds and brings out the true nature of our nature; compassion, self-acceptance, joyfulness, serenity, loving kindness, strength plus we achieve God’s supreme desire of looking at other human beings as our true brothers and sisters! We understand that the inner lives of these human beings are very similar to our master within. Step by step we start understanding God’s wishes to become our brother’s keeper. Now our happiness is to do our best to make other people happy. To communicate our passion for living despite of the physical age we have. It is our spiritual age what matters the most.
I thank you deeply for allowing me to communicate my most profound convictions.
Ezequiel Rodríguez Saldívar

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